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Re: Seilerbird666 is correct, but...

Moti wrote:

amalric wrote:

LOL, the fact is that I have 122.000 views on my pages and growing by the day, while you?

I'm not surprised. Who would miss an opportunity to look into a site that shows how NOT to take photos...

Apart from being of a very poor standard and of zero merit, I find photography like that just creepy.

If I found that someone was posting a shot like that of my wife or my daughter, or if I were a woman, me, I would find it extremely unsettling.

If you want to take take photographs of people, grows some balls and speak to them first instead of just posting creepy snaps like that on the internet for fellow weirdos to lust over.

If you have such a total lack of respect for others, then you can't expect others to respect you.

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