What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

My problem with Roman isn't his ignorance, but his arrogance.

Look at the title of his post. "Basics..."

I mean, he starts off with 1 single word that says so much about himself.

He talks about how he has 'credentials' because he's in IT, and this stuff is "basic" to him.

That's my issue with him.

I already know I'm not remotely perfect. But this guy is the epitome of the average joe who's been around DPR for awhile. He needed a mirror to see what he looks like, and what better person to show him than the guy who could pull the mirror away and show that he has the same problem. At least I know it. He's just wallowing in self-imposed ignorance about his own sorry state. I know who I am, does he know who he is? Maybe now, he does a little bit better.

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