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Re: "Preconceived ideas"?

jagge wrote:

Why, by the way, do you think Roger Cicala was slightly disappointed at the 25/1.4 if not for the fact that fast lenses can do better than it did? Consequently, it wasn't a particularly bright idea to base your general claim on that particular example in the first place.

while I applaud your for trying I am quite certain that knowledge and logic is completely wasted on Amalcric.

Oh no, it's only that I don't lose my time with a fraud with no known photography.

It is possibly true that FF lenses degrade in resolution more gracefully at full aperture, but it certainly not the case for m4/3, witness the PL and CV in Lensrentals/Imatest data.

The loss of resolution for only one stop more aperture is ruinous.

Instead, thanks to the Sony new sensor of the E-M5 you get 2 additional stops for free, so why NAT use them?

In future one will see further improvement in sensor sensitivity, while lens performance will stay more or less the sme, so the argument will become even  more convincing.

The only limit is that it is unconventional, and that you are conventional, not really worthy of m4/3, which is a disruptive technology relying a lot on the improvement of sensors.

You are so old hat.

And foaming at the mouth.



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