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Re: One non-speculative item: stabilization

amalric wrote:

tt321 wrote:

MT wrote:

Panasonic themself said that the OIS in the GX7 is not as good as their regular lens OIS

Where is this coming from? Panasonic claims "as good as", not "not as good as".

And there is no conclusive evidence that lens OIS in M43 is inferior to IBIS. The extra axis in some IBIS implementations is potentially useful for certain people who hold their cameras in certain ways when shooting, but each person needs to test thoroughly before saying "this is better for me" and nobody should be allowed to say "this is globally better" until they have tested across a significant population.

You really believe what you have written?

After reading it again, yes I can confirm this.

If so you are more whacky than I ever suspected.

I fail to see why this (how whacky I am) would be of interest to you.

Just go watch how DPR's reviewers test Oly cameras' IBIS.

Do you think that they make polls across a population?

It's not universally accepted that the testing method adopted by dpr is the final word (see below), but as you have mentioned yourself they use reviewers (the plural) when they test IS.


Glad to have provided entertainment.

Science reinvented...

Disagree strongly. Any IS scheme necessarily includes the user in the control loop. If the algorithm assumes a fixed mathematical model for the user - this is likely true because I have not heard of learning IS algorithms - it's the designers' estimate of what an average user is like. Tests run by a single user therefore does not necessarily apply to other users. So single-tester IS reviews must be read with caution as the reader might well be very different from the tester.

An interesting (guest?) article from what appears to be one of your favourite sites on IS testing:

Their sound-bite sloganeering version of what I said and you deemed "whacky": "When you start introducing humans, things get screwy."

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