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Re: Seilerbird666 is correct, but...

turbsy wrote:

turbsy wrote:

Oh yes, you can fake blur better than you imagine, Nikon troll. I have the Diorama effect and I know. I even remember Gradual Blur from PS.

Very cheap effect for a very cheap photographic style - LOL!


Why exactly am I a Nikon troll? And no software blur looks the same as a fast lens. Also what happens when ISO3200 isn't enough for the shutter speed you want?

Don't you shoot mostly Nikons? Or didn't I read well your Exifs? mirrorless has specific resolution problems.

You raise the ISO to 5000, which is still feasible on the E-M5. But you really need to be in half darkness to do that.

Why would you shoot in BAD Lìight? Are you such a NOOB?


What does what I shoot have to do with this discussion? Iso 5000 might be good for whatever it is you shoot but not for me. And it doesn't matter what camera it is. Why does it have to be bad light maybe I'm trying to stop motion And I want a higher shutter speed. With your comments you think it's wise calling anyone a noob?

So you tried to hide the fact that you are a Nikon user. Well, well, well...

The fact like I discuss elsewhere is that mirrorless suffers from serious resolution degradation from 2.8 to 1.4. Conversely its Sony sensor has recently increased sensitivity 2x.

So it makes more sense  to rely on the sensor than on the big aperture. But this you cannot know if you are a m4/3 NOOB.



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