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jimr wrote:

As you should know, the entire industry faces the identical situation in regards to low to middle end point and shoot cameras. Nothing unique to Fuji. Unfortunately your severe case of Fuj OCD is evident in your a comments about COSTCO and Fuji's unique dumping to COSTCO, Fuji's camera return rate and your speculative comments about Fuji's plans for future production. Your OCD as regards to Fuj to the exclusion of all other camera companies is entertaining. Please continue ... I will monitor your humorous comments but I will not bother to waste my time to respond as your Fuji confined OCD prevents you from being open minded and thoughtful. BTW the good news is that OCD is treatable.

You don't even know what OCD is, you would not use the term "as regards to Fuji" if you really knew. Like every good old fanboy, when your ideal brand is criticized, you start with personal stuff. Unfortunately for you, lack of density in grey matter is hard to treat. Back to the topic, you never explained how come routine 60% off sales of Fuji cameras in Costco are not dumping of old, unsold product. The difference with other brands is, when Canon or Sony have dumping sales, their models were available from the beginning, at the normal price, and with reduced price they sell out fast. With Fuji, models become available only at the end, before new models are announced, they were not sold at normal price from the beginning of model run, and even with dumping prices it takes forever to sell them out.

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