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Re: One non-speculative item: stabilization

tt321 wrote:

MT wrote:

Panasonic themself said that the OIS in the GX7 is not as good as their regular lens OIS

Where is this coming from? Panasonic claims "as good as", not "not as good as".

And there is no conclusive evidence that lens OIS in M43 is inferior to IBIS. The extra axis in some IBIS implementations is potentially useful for certain people who hold their cameras in certain ways when shooting, but each person needs to test thoroughly before saying "this is better for me" and nobody should be allowed to say "this is globally better" until they have tested across a significant population.

You really believe what you have written?

If so you are more whacky than I ever suspected.

Just go watch how DPR's reviewers test Oly cameras' IBIS.

Do you think that they make polls across a population?


Science reinvented...


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