Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

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As a reviewer I have to chime in on the "suspicious" comment

Manip16 wrote:

Andres Gomez wrote:

The sensor has been explained as a totally new sensor by Panasonic. They claim is the best m4/3 sensor to date, beter than the gh3 sensor. Google it.

In fairness what are they going to say? "Our newest top of the line camera has a mediocre sensor that isn't really going to beat the OM-D, but we saved 25% on what Sony were charging us." No, no, they're not.

Truth is we have nothing to go on when evaluating the new GX7 in terms of sensor performance, and Panasonic forcing all of the reviewers to upload no bigger than 5 MP images is very suspicious. I'm sure it will be good, the question is just how good it will be.

All manufacturers that provide pre-production cameras always tell you either:

A: Do not post any images at all

B: Post only a "certain size"

Why? Because they don't either have:

A. A final camera

B. Final word from corporate that the camera contains final firmware that will run in production units

So don't be so fast to call it suspicious, this is very common practice when you review a pre-production camera prior to it being announced.

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