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Re: Sadness comes with obfuscation, dear Sir...

amalric wrote:

This debate would carry us far away. Suffice to say that I play by the classic rules: HCB & Magnum. When Hyperfocal was the rule.

For what kind of photography? Those times when hyperfocal was used for some kinds of photography are long long gone. They belong to the dark ages of photography when the photographer didn't have the time or means to focus properly. So let's investigate where hyperfocal focusing is a valid method:

Portrait? No, you need to separate from the background.

Groupportrait? No.

Landscape? Rarely, you need to guide the viewers eye to certain aspects or else the photo is  lackluster, if you employ large DOF you desperately need something to draw the viewers attention. Without the focal point to guide your viewers eye you fail.

Industry? Rarely, same applies as for Landscape.

Macro? Never, you need to separate your subject from the background.

Sports? Never, you need to guide the viewers eye to the subject. A tackle from some player drowns out in the background of the crowd and the other players as would a track runner in the rest of the field or a sports car in the advertising on the track surround.

Streetphotography? Almost never, too many distracting elements all around that you need to drown out into a background.

I realise that I belong to a different culture, and despite we are potentially all equal, culture makes us different.

But yet you seem to fail to acknowledge that your taste varies from 99.999% of the public. I find your photos for the most part absolutely lackluster, lacking in definition what the subject is (your failure at using DOF to guide the viewer is the big problem here), mediocre composition, tere also is a gross lack in care to align correctly with what may be the subject if that subject has some kind of symmetry. So as a photographer you have a long long way to go, and for the "I'm making the rules, everyone else is wrong" - well let's guess what the wrong-way driver is thinking when he is announced over the radio...

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