Windows 8 Home cannot map to NAS Folder

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Re: So, let's force everyone to upgrade, right?

tkbslc wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

Microsoft isn't trying to break linux compatibility, they are trying to improve Windows functionality. Windows 8 and Server 2012 moved to SMB 3.0, which is MUCH faster and robust for file sharing. If Linux can't keep up their compatibility, that is hardly MS fault for moving on.

Sure they are.

Microsoft has a long history of forcing users to upgrade to newer products in order for them to continue working with each other

Apple has a much worse track record in this regard

OSX in all versions works just fine with SMB in all pre-3.0 versions. There are no issues at all connecting a Mountain Lion machine to an SMB 2.0 NAS. Frankly, I have no idea at all where you get the idea Apple systems are worse at connecting to network services than new versions of Windows. There is always a gap when Microsoft breaks (intentionally or not, though the gain for them to do so is clear) backwards network service compatibility. OSX has no issues what so ever connecting to any kind of local network service, and Apple has no incentive to cause any such problems either.

and with Linux you are lucky if it works with your peripherals at all.

Linux has worked fine with every mouse, keyboard and monitor I have ever owned, and with most of my network cards out of the box, without any third party drivers. And it's a lot better than any Microsoft product at connecting to network systems out of the box.

MS still has by far the best track record in universal compatibility.

Not even remotely. Without third party drivers a LOT of peripherals do not work at all with Microsoft OS'es. And one major problem is, these third party drivers are seldom updated as the OS is updated. I have a scanner from the early 1990's which works fine in Linux, and has since 1994, but which doesn't even have drivers for Windows XP, much less Windows 7 or 8.

Sadly that's not a very extreme case either. A lot of very expensive medical and industrial systems require XP to work since there are no drivers available for any other OS at all. That leaves anyone using those systems in the bind of having to throw out tremendously expensive hardware for no other reason than that Microsoft has EOL'd their OS.

Had the machine instead interfaced Linux there would be no EOL. I know of nothing which was once supported by Linux which no longer is.


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