RX-1 DOA Error 61:00

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Re: RX-1 DOA Error 61:00

elliottnewcomb wrote:

Sad, clever and timely fix, glad you got it working, so that it gave you the wide angle you otherwise didn't have with you while on a trip. Now, when home, the darn thing works.

Others have chimed in with same problem. Just curious, I do not recall reading about this over the last 11 months of RX1. Are these original new around 8/12, or new now? not new r model correct?

I suggest documenting in writing with Sony that the problem occured ______, is working now, BUT you want Sony to remember this in the future (that's why in writing), or, will they please check it out now?

Hi guys,

I had the dreaded 61:00 error while on my first vacation with the RX1 in June, and it occurred right before my sunset tour finished in Monument Valley Utah. To say I was upset is a big understatement. When this happened, autofocus AND manual focus were absolutely dead. I still kept shooting at F16 but all my pics post error were blurry and I had to delete them. I had my rx100 for backup but they are just not the same cameras.

The night that this happened, I did some reading online and found that this problem has occurred on several different model Sony cameras over the last several years. It seems to happen when the focus system becomes out of alignment. There must be a sensor to detect this. Looking back, the tour I took in monument valley was a very bumpy ride and I had the camera in my backpack on the floor. The fix is to send the camera in to Sony, but many people reported that dropping the camera on a hard surface from a few inches fixed the problem. I did not believe this but at least 5 people reported that it fixed the problem, so I tried it on a solid wood table and it worked. I could not believe it. The camera worked perfectly for the remainder of the trip, but I had this nagging feeling it might happen again, and should be sent it to Sony for inspection.

After I got back from my trip, I sent to RX1 in for service and wrote a letter explaining that the error occurred but went away, and also I had some dust in the manual focus ring that caused it to turn not perfectly smooth. When I got the camera back, I see they replaced the entire focus mechanism, cleaned the inside of the camera, checked the sensor for spots, applied a "service bulletin?" that had no explanation, and put on a brand new LCD screen with protective factory wrap. Basically they gave me what amounts to a new RX1. I am pretty amazed with the service to be honest. I was without my camera for about 10 days total.

So yeah, send your camera in and explain what happened and they should take care of you.

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