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Cytokine wrote:


Fabulous horse & racing photos!


Are the horses a special breed? I don't know much about horses but some look as if they have some Arab in them.

Thoroughbred, not different than all official racehorses. But, most thoroughbreds were derived initially anyway from three Arabian stallions only remember one off the top of my head, the Darley Arabian. Quite an interesting story from what I remember, I think that one was imported to England for breeding after being found pulling a cart in France. And is one of the great ancestors of thoroughbreds worldwide.

I was born in the west Indies living in St.Lucia, Antigua and finally Barbados as a 5-8 year old spent most of my time on the Beach near Sandy Lane Hotel. The best days of my life in retrospect.


Lovely. Three beautiful islands each with different character. Incidentally, Sandy Lane Hotel, still a pinnacle of high quality hotel life, is owned now by three Irishmen, each of whom has horseracing connections. Mr.Smith, Mr.Magnier and Mr.Tabor.

Sandy Lane Hotel annually sponsors a Barbados Gold Cup, a race with much fanfare and 'glory' for the winner, here in Barbados, run over 1800 metres.

I have some pictures from that race for this year, which was run in March, here, if you are interested.

Cheers, and take care.

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Amateur photographer. Enjoy.....believe in yourself..

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