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Re: Seilerbird666 is correct, but...

amalric wrote:

Brian D. Schneider wrote:

amalric wrote:

If you want nice bokeh, you can get it from a smart phone - LOL!


No. You can't.

You can get ugly, fake bokeh.

But I don't need bokeh, or if I need one a 2.8 portrait lens will do.

Well apparently you absolutely dont need a cam as well. If you truly believe what you write then anything but a cameraphone is wasted on you off course.

I write this fully realizing that debating with you makes no sense due to your great display of lack of knowledge, but someone might believe you or your twisted points.

Now saying that you can reproduce low depth of field in a cam phone using a  app is so severely misleading. The day will arrive where its possible with light field cam technology but that might never be practical. Yep look it up...

Current tech off course has not way of knowing distance between individual parts of a photo, Photoshop ceartainly does not have this ability as well.

So in short all your points are bollocks, but you do have a striking point, a camera phone would be more than what you personally would need.


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