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"Preconceived ideas"?

amalric wrote:

My contention is that almost any lens is good at f/2.8 so the sensor's difference kicks in.

That explains the v. good performance of the Sigmas.

Conversely almost anyfast lens, witness the PL 25/1.4 or the CV at 0.95 have bad resolution at full aperture (see Lensrentals) therefore if the aim is to have max resolution there is an alternative strategy. Choose the best sensor, both in terms of per pixel sharpness and SNR.

As I recall, Sigma also makes a 35 / 1.4 that's sharp right from wide open, as well as an 18-35 / 1.8.


I also recall that Olympus makes a 45 / 1.8 and 75 / 1.8 that are also quite sharp right from wide open.


But this as we see, goes against preconceived ideas. Oh well...

Preconceived ideas, indeed.

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