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Sadness comes with obfuscation, dear Sir...

pinnacle wrote:

amalric wrote:

Not commenting on your patent lack of m4//3 knowledge, but it made me curious, only to discover that your whole photography here is shot with a Canon.

LOL we only needed some Canonites to come and tell us the error in our ways.


AM, The amazing wackiness is that you actually believe the premise of this thread and the silliness of the one you started of few days ago trying to promote the very same thing.

You truly have no clue as to the value that a fast lens has to offer beyond higher volumes of light transmission. You actually believe that if we had a five million ISO sensor we would need nothing more than a starting lens aperture of F8. According to you, depth of filed management in a composition is all about achieving infinite depth of field. You would experience DOF nirvana if everything from the front element of the lens and on out to infinity were all entirely in focus in each and every image you captured. You won't even comcede that the desire other people have to use DOF as part of their compositional comtrol toolbox is reasonable based on photographic preferences.


This debate would carry us far away. Suffice to say that I play by the classic rules: HCB & Magnum. When Hyperfocal was the rule.

I don't play by the Hairdresser & Beautification rules of Marriage Hacks that seem to have replaced them in certain countries.

I realise that I belong to a different culture, and despite we are potentially all equal, culture makes us different.

So allow me to disagree, and let's leave it at that. Resolution and Tide wait for no man.

Shallow DOF instead comes at low, v. low tide.


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