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Re: 24-105L is the way to go for OP; maybe add 50 1.8

chironNYC wrote:

I think you are talking about critiquing a lens, and the OP is talking about taking pictures.

DXO gives the 24-105 a score of 20 on the 5d3. While 20 is not a perfect score, it is a good score and similar to the 24-70L f/4 or 35L 1.4. It actually fits with about what most users reports on this site.

The 24-105 covers a wide range with a decent constant aperture. I don't know any wide lenses, especially zooms, that are not a bit soft in the corners and edges. CA is easily fixed. For the uses the 24-105 is designed for, I don't think any of your criticisms of the lens will matter a fig when looking at the real pictures with minimal post-processing.

For doing comic-con stuff like another guy here was talking about maybe not. For doing landscape work at the wider end maybe so. The difference between 24-105 and 24-70 II/24 1.4 II/24 T&S II/24-70 f/4 IS at 24mm is pretty easy to see with real pictures of that type. Not everyone cares about those types of shots or cares even if they do but the difference is pretty large all the same whether you care or not.

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