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Re: Fast sensors have made fast lenses obsolete

captura wrote:

OK, here's a test which I just conducted, but needs more refinement.

1- Nice new E-PM2 12 mp last-generation camera with excellent 20mm f1.7 lens


2- NEX-5R 16 mp camera with larger APS-C sensor and crappy NEX 16mm f2.8 lens

Which produces the finer detail, higher IQ?

To my surprise it was #2, by a long shot. The sensor is more important than the lens.

I think that Sellerbird is ill, as he mentioned, so I keep the thread alive, although we don't have exactly the same ideas.

The E-PM2 is 16 Mpx, so if your test is true, it's more impressive.

My contention is that almost any lens is good at f/2.8 so the sensor's difference kicks in.

That explains the v. good performance of the Sigmas.

Conversely almost anyfast  lens, witness the PL 25/1.4 or the CV at 0.95 have bad resolution at full aperture (see Lensrentals) therefore if the aim is to have max resolution there is an alternative strategy. Choose the best sensor, both in terms of per pixel sharpness and SNR.

But this as we see, goes against preconceived ideas. Oh well...


PS note that Sellerbird idea that a better sensor benefits all the photographers instead of a select few is self evident.

Me: This excites the lynchers even more because it goes against the pecking order, which in some countries is based, not on the right to happiness of the common citizen, but on the rights of the uber rich. Democracy a distant memory...

Next thread: Democracy & Lenses

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