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Re: Seilerbird666 is correct, but...

amalric wrote:

Isn't it because you have the typical midbrow taste of the suburban classes?

Do you always have to insult people just because they have a different taste than yours?

One might not be quite interested in beautifying brides like marriage hacks do, so good resolution helps when you do *reality*.

Good resolution helps when needed. For most photographers, and most of *reality* photoGraphers, ncluding Magnum, almost any modern lens is good enought in terms of resolution.

That is the old Magnum tradition at least. As mentioned shallow DOF is now just a smartphone App.

Stop being a gearhead. Magnum tradition has absolutely nothing to do with resolution. As a matter of fact, few of them do use Shallow DOF in some photos. Some even blur the whole image for artistic reasons because this is one of the trends you can find in contemporary photography..

I contend that fast lenses make you lose more resolution at full aperture than a fast sensor, and that as sensors keep improving they will keep getting additional stops, while lenses won't. Even the Cosinas have v. poor resolution at 0.95, and they are massive lenses.

Resolution is a relative term and not bsolute and the Cosina at 0.95 has still better resolution than the Russian lenses you are so fond of.

If you want nice bokeh, you can get it from a smart phone - LOL!

You can also take nice photos with a smart phone so why buy a camera?


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