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Re: Seilerbird666 is correct, but...

amalric wrote:

Moti wrote:

amalric wrote:

Brian D. Schneider wrote:

amalric wrote:

If you want nice bokeh, you can get it from a smart phone - LOL!


No. You can't.

You can get ugly, fake bokeh.

But I don't need bokeh,

Who cares? The topic is not about your needs.

or if I need one a 2.8 portrait lens will do.

Not enough for m4/3

Says who? My Sigma 30mm has already nice bokeh if I am close to subject. And Sigma 60/2.8 is even better, by the samples.

Even 'Diorama' Art Filter will give a fine

That is maybe good enough for you, not for serious photographers.

Are you serious? As a beautyfier? LOL.

Resolution I'll always need.

For what? For publishing tiny photos on Flickr? For this, ANY lens has more resolution than youll ever need.

My piccies on flickr are full resolution.

What for? Pixel peeping? You can't see a whole picture on a screen anyway.

But perhaps you are not among my Contacts, Friends or Family. I wouldn't risk having my images stolen by a hairdresser like you - LOL!

Comeon, get down of the tree. Why on earth would anyone want to steal any of your pictures? I must say that i really admire your sense of humor, this is the best joke i have ever heard since long time. LOL..

'De tous les peuples de la Gaule, les Belges sont les plus fiers' LOL


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