RX100 II - what else did you consider before buying?

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Re: There is no other real option IMO

I looked seriously at the Fuji X-20, Panasonic LX-7, Canon G15 and Olympus XZ-2 before opting for the RX 100 M2.

The G15 might have fared better if it still had the same dedicated external controls as my old G11, but without that, no improvement in the viewfinder and the loss of the tilt/swivel screen it seemed like a step backwards.

The wider apertures of the LX-7 and XZ-2 were interesting, but cleaner results at higher ISOs from the Sony made this largely moot. It’s not like I would use any of these cameras for shots requiring limited DoF; to do that at these focal lengths either your composition is contrived to prove a point, or your subject is so close/background so far that it doesn’t matter anyway.

Really the only one that gave me serious pause was the X-20. While it’s the largest of all of the models I considered, it was the handling and viewfinder that kept drawing me to it.

But, when it came down to it, the Sony held the best IQ across the board and I couldn’t better the combination of size, IQ and flexibility of the RX 100 M2 with any of the other options.

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