What computer to easily process D800 files?

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... Also, it's not clear to me that an SSD will be faster than 2 fast hard-drives arranged in a RAID setup. Essentially, you are reading and writing one large file at a time. I wonder if you might have better performance with the hard disk in your usage scenario.

In my experience HDs are more prone to unexpected failures than SSDs, but with a good backup scheme, and monitoring of drive health using a program like SpeedFan, they may be your best bet.

A current good SSD will blow the pants off any home Raid config in terms of read write speeds. Also you need to be clear on what "RAID" as RAID 0 is the only one that will increase your speed significantly, and RAID 1 will decrease your speed significantly compare to just a stand alone HD (As RAID 1 is writing same data to both drives simultaneously) and the other RAIDS fall in the middle of those 2 extremes.

But still, I could never recommend RAID 0 to anyone whose not a "tech" and with a good understanding of what their doing, and have multiple redundant backups. Just as you said "in your experience HD's are more prone to unexpected failures) so if any HD in that RAID 0 config goes, your whole RAID array goes, and you better hope you have backups, its not like RAID 1 where you have a duplicate copy, or RAID 5 where you have stripping / data redundancy across all drives so you just pop a new one in... RAID 0, you lose a drive you loose your data.

But regardless average SSD's now have read write speeds of 500-600mb/s, no house hold RAID array will come anywhere near those speeds using standard Hard Drives.

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