FX lenses recommendations?

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Hendrixx wrote:

After more research I think the 18-35 is on the top of my list now for a wide lens. Appreciate the recommendation. How would you say it fairs as an everyday lens? Is it too wide, even the last 28-35mm? Too distorted? Do you use it only for landscape maybe?

No landscapes yet, just some limited event work with the 18-35 (I've only owned the lens for about three weeks).

I usually pair it with the Tamron 28-75; those two lenses cover 90% of what I normally want to do. I don't think it would serve most people as a general purpose lens though, unless you normally live on the wide side. I've been on a couple of outings where it was the only lens I took, but I knew ahead of time that it would be all I needed.

Distortion is a non-issue, software corrects it well enough for me.

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