V1 Firmware Update : Five Suggested Improvements to Nikon

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V1 Firmware Update : Five Suggested Improvements to Nikon

Hi All,

After using the V1 for a few weeks and taken hundreds of shots, I have summarised five improvements from my wish-list. As far as I can see, these are features that can be implemented via firmware.

If you have other suggestions, please add to this thread. Hopefully, Nikon follows this forum and will take note of the V1-users' requests.

Suggestion 1 : Image Review

In the Playback Menu, add a new option :

Image Review

Options :

On (default)



To view pictures when Off is selected, press the View button.

Suggestion 2 : Fn Button Options

In the Setup Menu, add a new option :

Assign Fn Button

Options :

Shutter Type (default)



Exposure-Mode (PASM)


Suggestion 3 : Bracket

Allow three bracketed shots in rapid succession.


Use the Multi-Selector Exposure Compensation button.

One-click = Exposure Compensation (+/-)

Double-click = Bracket configuration

Use either the rotating dial or the thumbnail controller to select the bracket range.

When in Bracket Mode, display icon (BRKT) on the screen or EVF.

Shoot the bracket in - / 0 / + sequence.

Suggestion 4 : EVF Option

Allows the Electronic View Finder to be set to be always on.

In the Setup Menu, add a new option:



Auto-sense (default)

Always On

Suggestion 5 : Display selected ISO value for Auto ISO

When Auto-ISO is selected, camera should display selected ISO value when shutter is half-pressed.

The above features will enhance the usability of the beloved V1 camera big time!

Please add your support if you feel the same way.



Nikon 1 V1
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