Windows 8 Home cannot map to NAS Folder

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So, let's force everyone to upgrade, right?

tkbslc wrote:

Microsoft isn't trying to break linux compatibility, they are trying to improve Windows functionality. Windows 8 and Server 2012 moved to SMB 3.0, which is MUCH faster and robust for file sharing. If Linux can't keep up their compatibility, that is hardly MS fault for moving on.

Sure they are.

Microsoft has a long history of forcing users to upgrade to newer products in order for them to continue working with each other.

That's not only true for third party products, but also true for Microsoft products.

IOW, the apparent idea is that users will upgrade to the "latest and greatest" desktop Operating Systems, Server Operating Systems, Office Applications, etc, so that they'll continue to work together.

Sometimes they'll offer compatibility packages for MS products so that they'll continue working with each other.

But, the goal is relatively obvious (to get users to upgrade to newer products "across the board" to insure compatibility with each other).

It's planned obsolescence (and that's being nice to them).

Microsoft is a master at that kind of thing. Just google for Embrance, Extend and Exinquish to see their history in that area, where they take standards and extend them to keep competing products from being fully compatible.,_extend_and_extinguish

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