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Re: L vs EF

iseeu wrote:

JackM wrote:

iseeu wrote:

Keith, I thank you for educating me about the code of the lenses, probably I will use the 430 EXII for the time being, maybe better to prioritize the lenses more important.

Yes, the 430 is a great unit and a great value. Some EF lenses are not "L" but still have L image quality. The L designation also has to do with construction quality and some L lenses are weather sealed. For example the EF 50/1.4, 85/1.8, 100/2, and 100/2.8 macro are generally considered hidden L lenses due to their excellent image quality. They just don't have the same build. Also the new 24/2.8 IS, 28/2.8 IS, and 35/2 IS have very high image quality, easily on the L level, but they're not sealed and have more plastic in the construction, so they're not L.

Jack have you ever compared the Sigma 50mm 1.4 with the Canon 50mm f/1.4? I am about to buy the Sigma from kijiji $400.

I've never tried the sigma, but I hear that it is sharper near wide open than the canon although a bit less sharp when stopped down. I hear some complaints about the sigma AF but the canon 50 1.4 is one the poorest focusing canon lenses so I doubt that you can hold AF against the Sigma in comparison. And the canon 50 1.4 AF is quite prone to breakage.

Optically the canon 50 1.4 seemed almost identical to an old zeiss 50 1.4 contax mount lens that I used with an adapter.

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