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Re: Without Wifi or 3G

Hmm, reading books and PDF's, composing and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, planning/scheduling, editing images, uploading/downloading data from "cards/drives", sketching/drawing, listening to music/podcasts, off-line reading (news and information), watching video, taking pictures, playing games and running a suite of standalone applications of your choice; there's a lot to do without any connectivity. It's just like it's always been with a PC/Mac with no network.

If posting or up/downloading stuff on-line, reading stuff live, email, and voice/video messaging, are your only idea of "useful", yea, I guess a tablet without cellular is a paperweight. But the fact is there are way more uses for a tablet than only as a communication platform.

Just because almost anyone can use a finger to operate a tablet, doesn't really give one a license to drive. A lot of users buy tablets without any idea of their capabilities or any idea what to do with them.  And no one reads the user guide. That's part of the reason so many of them are laying around collecting dust.

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