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Re: Without Wifi or 3G

mosswings wrote:

dmartin92 wrote:

nobody is talking about an iPad that has no ability to connect to a WiFi network, all that is being talked about is those situations where there is no WiFi network (or 3G) to connect to.

Ah. I misunderstood your comment. I agree. There are certain situations in which a standalone tablet is useful (reading books on a plane, etc.), but in the main it is basically a form of simple computer terminal and is designed to be connected to the cloud for most of its utility.

Yes, Coolsiggy was saying iPads become toys without any Internet access, and I was merely saying that all tablets become much, much less useful without Internet access.

Tablets now are a big success thanks to wireless access. Other tablets, 15 years ago, they failed. But now with wireless Internet so common, they are a big success.

You could still make of list of some things you can still do without Internet access, but without it, a big, big chunk of their usefulness is gone.

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