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Re: 24-105L is the way to go for OP; maybe add 50 1.8

You also can't chimp this lens on a pre DIGIC V camera.  DIGIC V DSLRs will clean up a *lot* of CA.  So will ACR, etc.  I am an MFT shooter so my tolerance for some CA is high as long as its not so significant that *after* correction it still posses an issue.  For a $700 street price lens if you get a good copy I think the CA is a trivial issue and would not expect prime like performance.  My expectations are tempered a bit in that not many lenses with this much useful range hitting 24, 35, 50, 85, 100mm's, all in one etc can really deliver sharp consistent results.  IMO there are copies that exist that do just that at all focal lengths especially when stopped down to f5.6 and not many lenses in or outside of Canon can really do that.

My Panasonic 14-42 II I am testing on MFT camera for example behaves *very* kit lens like where some focal lengths just have unexplained zones of softness.  But to be honest I have not kept a 24-105L myself for size reasons and that I feel it'd usurp some really delicious prime usage...

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