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123Mike wrote:

Again. One is way off focus. AF just ought to work. Take a few where each time you purposely first focus on something else, and give it a chance to do a focus from scratch. Then pick the best one from the bunch, for both lenses. That just ought to work. But posting a photo, again with, of course the 18-55 being way out of focus, to sell the 18-135 is just plain misleading.

I stated that it wasn't perfectly focused, so don't accuse me of misleading people please.

That photo was the best I managed after about 15 attempts with the 18-55. Using autofocus with that lens gave much worse results than that.

As I said, I posted again to make the point that even if there isn't a significant optical difference (someone else will have to compare the lenses to convince me of that), the 18-135 is a far superior lens mechanically when it comes to focusing, making a big difference in some circumstances.

Precise manual focusing with the ring on the 18-55 is almost impossible, while it's easy to be accurate with the smooth ring on the 18-135. It's obviously not what you want to compare when looking at the lenses, but to me that alone would make the 18-135 a true kit lens killer in real world use.

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