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Re: No and yes

FF lenses are big and heavy, and will be very expensive to make. People will realize that the weight and size saving over DSLR isn't much, so they won't buy it afterall.

Only people owns existing Legacy lens are dreaming of using them on FF mirrorless (me too).


Look at the Sony RX-1 35mm F2, it is quite compact. In terms of size you should not look at SLR (retrofocus) lenses, but at rangefinder lenses. Now most of those are Leica lenses or lenses made for Leica M, but even with AF they should be quite a bit smaller than SLR lenses.

The main question will be wide angle performance (small distance from rear element to sensor) and price.

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Exactly. No one reads responses and actually replies to them. My rangefinder lenses are much smaller than fuji lenses and yes they have no AF but they could do it small. And I'll say it again since one one listened a nikon d600 and a 50mm 1.8 lens is a light combo. Almost as light as my fuji.

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