What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Actually some of the other posters raise an interesting issue.

SSDs are clearly best for performing random data access (eg, your computer loading up a bunch of different programs at startup), so for most of us it feels the fastest.

However you are writing out gigabyes and gigabytes of data daily, which is probably not very good for the performance of the SSD (the solid state memory transistors have a finite cycle life). Also, it's not clear to me that an SSD will be faster than 2 fast hard-drives arranged in a RAID setup. Essentially, you are reading and writing one large file at a time. I wonder if you might have better performance with the hard disk in your usage scenario.

In my experience HDs are more prone to unexpected failures than SSDs, but with a good backup scheme, and monitoring of drive health using a program like SpeedFan, they may be your best bet.

What I have in my computer right now is 1 SSD for running all of my computer programs, and HDs for storing all the data.  Of course, I'm not doing the intensive photo-editing work you are.

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