comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

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Get a Leica name badge

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

tjuster1 wrote:

Wow, just wow.

You're complaining because Panasonic has made a great camera and chooses to display its brand name on it?

Sony is intelligent enough not to put its playstation-kiddy brandname "cybershot" on the front side of the RX1R.

( ok its printed on the backside but really small ).

Also Sony does not use "cybershot" on its mirrorless and DSLRs/SLTs.

So other companies do it like I suggest.

Come on, you are having us on huh

Sony is far better known here for TV's and you want that stamped on the front of a camera !!

You could always get a Leica plate and stick it over the top of the brand name, there you go, Leica. How cool is that

I shoot next to Canon DSLR FF shooters most days of the week. Forgotten how many times I've been asked "What the heck is that" A small Sony NEX-7 mounted on long fast Canon lenses. Funny though, because they never laughed at the shots that were taken with the Panny G2 either or the NEX-7.

If I turned up with a camera with a fixed lens like the RX1, they would be in fits of hysterics though So each to their own, but basing a camera on a name badge on the front is vanity in its highest form.... IMO.

All the best and I'll bet you worry about the colours of the lenses to match the body as well.


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