Windows 8 Home cannot map to NAS Folder

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Jim Cockfield Forum Pro • Posts: 16,333
not hard to believe

Robert Schoner wrote:

Hi Jim,

Yes, I guess I could go back to Windows 7 since it seems to work with the NAS. I will wait for Buffalo to get back to me. It's hard to believe that Win 8 has network issues that have not been fixed.

I think that Buffalo box probably has a Linux kernel using Samba for Windows compatible network shares.

Unfortunately, with each new version of Windows, it seems like Microsoft has been working hard to cause compatibility issues via changing authentication methods, etc.

Chances are, you can modify a file somewhere on the NAS machine to make it work with the latest changes Microsoft has made to networking sharing authentication, and/or modify a registry entry somewhere on the Win 8 machines to get them working with the NAS setup you already have.

You may want to check threads in the Buffalo specific forums for more info from users that have experienced this issue to find the best solution (modifying Samba config files on their NAS, and/or modifying Windows registry entries).

Or, you could just send Microsoft a message and quit using Windows entirely.

For example, I use Linux >99% of the time (it's been approximately 2 months since I even booted into the Win 7 partition on my desktop, and that was just to update it with the latest "patch Tuesday" Updates, AV signatures, etc.). IOW, I only use it for testing of camera manufacturers' software when helping out with reviews. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother to keep Windows installed at all.

I'm running behind lately (didn't bother to boot into Windows 7 to update last month's updates, and decided to wait until the next updates and do two months at once).

Anyway, there are many alternatives to Windows. So, if you get tired of this kind of thing, I'd suggest looking into those alternatives.  For example, take a look at some of the popular distributions covered by distrowatch here:

For someone new to LInux, I'd probably suggest looking at Mint.  More about it here:

That way, you'd have a modern Operating System with most apps you'd need available (for example, Firefox or Chrome for Web Browsing, LibreOffice or OpenOffice for docs and spreadsheets, lots of media players including VLC, and even messaging clients like Skype.   Of course, you'd also have lots of video editors, etc. available, and loads of image editing apps available.  Personally, I use Corel AfterShot Pro (commercial and available for Windows, OS X and Linux) for raw conversion and image management. But, there are lots of open source apps available for that kind of thing, too.

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