The GX7 is perfect...

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The GX7 is perfect...

for its target market!

There's so many posts about it being too big (primarily) but the honest fact is:

Does everyone who wants this camera have finger like toothpicks?

I'm not trying to anger anyone, and I have pretty thin fingers, but personally, I have an E-PM1 that honestly... is too dang small.

Okay, it's not too small for average use, I slap the 15mm body cap lens on and use it as a ref camera when I go exploring because it fits in my pocket so easily, but that's not the goal of the GX7

The GX7 as I see it, is for people who want... well, basically everything design-wise that fuji is offering with the x-system, but don't want to give up m4/3.  On top of that, for all the people crying about the size, two things:

1. Panasonic said that the GX series was going to be a larger, RF-style camera with more controls and features.

and 2. What would be the point of getting a nicer body like the GX7 and putting the 17mm 2.8 on it?

I plan on getting the GX7 and the 17mm 1.8 because I love the 35mm FOV and I want something that I can wander with and shoot on the street.  On top of the the viewfinder/focus peaking will make fine focusing on lenses like the 42.5mm 0.95 voiglander easy.  Toss in the Metabones 0.71x EF mount adapter (whenever it comes out), and the whole set sounds pretty hard to beat.

In regards to the sensor, it honestly DOES NOT MATTER if it's the same sensor as the G5, my GF and I have the GH2 and the G5, have done our own tests, and there's some decent improvement in high ISO noise in real world use, so if one generation of processing can do that, by all means.

In short, it's not too big for it's purpose.  The sensor will not be terrible (can it, pixel peepers).  And Panasonic has built a real winner here.

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