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yeah, but as long as newbies continue to think that being able to get razor thin DoF is the prerequisite to being a "pro," there will be no shortage of people willing to line up and pay the big bucks hoping that the faster lens will propel their photography to the next level.

That's very flawed thinking, not least because it's not likely to be the newbies that pay the big bucks for the fast lenses. They do that later on when they have worked out why they can't do it with slow lenses.

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hahaha! you are giving people on forums like this too much credit!

Yes, maybe I was thinking of another forum. I have more experience there.

But that being said, I will concede that my reply was rather jaded and inflammatory. Yes, there are many times a photographer needs a fast lens... unfortunately, they probably need a FF camera as well...

It's one of the reasons I still use mine despite having an OMD and several lenses. At some point I will accept the compromise and give up the SLR because of the weight and bulk, but I will still accept that it would give me better options on some occasions if I was prepared to put up with the bulk.

One thing that would make the transition easier is fast MFT lenses. They are certainly not obsolete! Without them I would be less likely to make the switch.

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