Drop $350 on a 45mm prime when you've already got the 14-42mm kit lens?

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Re: The other thing is, you can get by with a MF nifty fifty

dougjgreen1 wrote:

To me, the 20mm f1.7 made more sense because there's no way to get a fast compact legacy lens on the cheap to serve the purpose of something in the 17-20mm range. But if you can deal with manual focus, you can get a cheap old ~f1.8 ish nifty fifty for well under $50 including the adapter. If you find that you need that focal length in a high speed AF lens, you can always get one down the road.

This is true. I used a Nikon 50mm f/1.8D for about a year before I bought the 45mm f/1.8. The reason I bought the Oly 45mm is because our daughter started walking and moving around a lot faster. Even though I had gotten pretty quick on the draw with MF by then, I started missing shots that autofocus would have captured.

I would love the Oly 75mm f/1.8, but currently I am getting by using a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 (Nikon F Mount) on my E-M5. It's great for outdoor portraits, and it's reasonably small and easy to carry. It's also a macro lens.


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