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considering the past

sigala1 wrote:

1. Panasonic has never shown willingness to use the best “GH” sensor in what it considers to be lesser cameras. So the GX7 will most likely have the same sensor as the G6 which appears to be the same sensor as in the G5 which is not as good as the sensor being used in all current-model Olympus m43 cameras.

Panasonic has never shown willingness to put an EVF on a rangerfinder-esque body.  Until the GX-7.

Panasonic has never shown willingness to use in-body stabilization.  Until the GX-7.

The GX-7 appears to be a distinct departure from the norm.  Besides which, were any of the G bodies ever priced at USD$1000 in the US market at introduction?  Looking at the GX-7's price, Panasonic is clearly not placing it in the same price segment as a G body.

2. The Panasonic IBIS is completely untested. I wish them well because Oly needs some competition in that area. The IBIS on my E-PM1 was completely useless because it caused a lot more blur than it prevented. Since this is Panasonic’s first-ever attempt at IBIS, and Oly still doesn’t have the 2-axis IBIS working perfectly after so many years, I wouldn’t assume that the Panasonic IBIS is any good until thoroughly tested.

Back when the Minolta Dimage A1 was introduced, I think it was the first camera with sensor-shift stabilization.  Obviously that would have been before the technology was used by multiple makers and had gone through several generations.  And yet it still worked very well.  I relied on it a lot.

So I'm not too concerned that this is Panasonic's first attempt at sensor shift stabilization.

3. Given the ***ppy thumbwheel on the G5, which had a pretty high price tag of $699, I wouldn’t assume that the GX7 thumbwheel is going to be any better than that just because it costs a thousand dollars, and not a quality thumbwheel like Olympus has on its best m43 cameras.

That doesn't make any sense.  It's quite common to increase build quality on higher tier products.  Looking at the estimated price and the feature set of the GX-7, it looks like it is being positioned as one of Panasonic's best m43 bodies.  And, quite clearly, the G bodies aren't being positioned that way.  So I don't think it makes sense to expect the GX-7's build quality to be on par with a G body's.

5. If history repeats itself, those who are patient will may very well be able to buy the GX7 for less than $500 within a year. It took less time than that before the G5 was on sale for half price.

Well, that's a bit odd because there's no historical GX-7 for history to repeat itself with.  And I don't mean that in an simple, nit picking way.  The fact is, the GX-7 is significantly different from any prior Panasonic m43 body.  It's one that has checked off a lot of boxes and catered to the pent-up demand of many m43 enthusiasts, as evidenced by the high numbers of pre-orders and press that this camera is getting.  This is not another G body release.  It's not a G body.  It's something very different.  Drawing parallels between the two is a flawed premise.

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