FX lenses recommendations?

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Re: FX lenses recommendations?

Brian Caslis wrote:

The 16-35 is a nice lens but way too wide for around the house unless you like to take distorted pictures of family and pets. Here's my starter recommendation:

24-85 VR f3.5-4.5

50 f1.8G

85 f1.8G

I've found the kit zoom to be way better than any other kit zoom I've used. I use the 50 f1.8 for indoors general purpose shots. Start with the these three and you are only missing an UWA, Telephoto, and Macro to cover all the bases to start.

Is the 16-35 really too wide for everyday shots around the house? My current Dx lens is 18-55 and I'm using the 18-24mm a lot (equivalent to the last 27-35mm) on the 16-35 lens. However, it might be too distorted like you say? Lens corrections are pretty good today though right?

I didn't even give the kit lens a thought. Is it that good? It's so cheap....but that doesn't have to mean anything I guess

I do find it peculiar that the other two recommendations are 50 and 85 which are both covered by the 24-85? If they are so much better then the kit lens, that you would buy them alongside it makes me think if spending on the kit lens is really worth it? What do you think?

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