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Re: If I'm wrong, I'll agree with you

illy wrote:

the colour is fine in both of them that is my point, so looking for things like resolution and lens performance should help be a deciding factor in making a decision, the fact that not everyone is saying the same shot is the E-1 is proof alone that the E-1 magical colour myth is just that, a myth.....don't get me wrong the E-1 had great colour rendition, but it appears not that unique since it's not a 100% hit rate in the guesses.......or could something else be the cause of this

Color is the last thing anyone should be evaluating in an online forum or anywhere online. Monitors and settings vary wildly. Color-wise, what I see on my MacBook Air is different than what I see on my Apple 30" Cinema Display, even though both are calibrated to the best of my ability. Viewing online is ok for establishing a pleasing color, but I don't think it's the place for judging a camera's true color capability.

And I wish you'd stop referring to the E-1's color reputation as a "magical color myth." As with any camera, it is what it is, that's all. Some like it. Some love it. Some can't see it at all. But it's no more "mythical" than the color from another Olympus, Canon, Nikon or Fuji Super CCD Pro.

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