comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

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Re: comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

Jerodequin wrote:

Manip16 wrote:

I genuinely wonder why the NEX cameras are able to be that much thinner than the GX7. I mean, let's ignore the handgrip and the eyepiece, just purely in terms of the camera body itself the NEX is a fair little bit thinner.

They have the same tilting screen, both have a flash, etc. Why is the NEX 6 thinner? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I believe one of the biggest impacts on the thinness of the Nex series cameras is that Sony chose to allow the lens to be mounted very close to the sensor - considerably closer (in camera terms) than the lens can be mounted to the sensor on a M4/3 camera.

This has its benefit in allowing a very thin design but has a disadvantage (as I understand it - someone with more technical knowledge in this field would need to confirm) of impacting image quality especially on wide angle lenses.

There's no disadvantage to having a short flange distance: the lens maker can always build in an 'extension tube' of sorts and use the same lens design they might for longer flange distances like Canon's EF-S. There might be a compromise if they angle their microlenses on the sensor inward to accommodate very close lenses, which would diminish the quality of telephotos.

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