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Re: One non-speculative item: stabilization

captura wrote:

larsbc wrote:

True, but Panasonic themselves are calling their in-body stabilization OIS-something-or-other. Weird, I know.

That is incorrect. OIS is the Sony NEX term meaning Optical Image Stabilization, used in their stabilized lenses. IBIS is the Olympus-only term for In-Body Image Stabilization.

Other manufacturers use their own terms.

From Panasonic's own press release on the GX-7:

"Furthermore, the DMC-GX7 allows photographers to use max. 1/8000 fast shutter speed for more impressive expression with high speed lens. The Optical Image Stabilizer (as effective as the MEGA O.I.S. in the conventional DSLM lenses) is built in the camera body, which makes it more enjoyable to mount classic lenses of your lens property. The DMC-GX7 is also compatible with Focus Peaking for more precise control of focusing."

They use OIS to refer to the GX-7's in-body stabilization system as well as their optical stabilizer system.

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