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Try the Think Tank City Walker--Great Bag & Company

fysloc wrote:

I am looking for a bag that can carry the camera, 1-2 lenses (biggest would be 55-210mm), batteries, and a laptop (no bigger than 13"), but I can't seem to find one that isn't very bulky.
I looked at the lowepro event messenger bag, and while it does satisfy my criteria, the rectangular shape and how far it sticks out is troublesome, and inconvenient. Meanwhile, the passport silng bag is almost perfect, except a laptop/tablet will not fit in it.
If anyone has any suggestions for a shoulder bag that is simillar to the event messenger, but not protruding as far out and rigid in shape, that would be great, as I can't seem to find a good search term for such a bag.

Take a look at the Think Tank City Walker bags. I just went through Europe carrying exactly what you are describing in the smaller bag (though my tablet was smaller than an iPad--I don't know if an iPad would fit in the smaller bag--see their web site for more info).

The bag itself is great--extremely well-designed and made, lots of storage places, comfortable, secure and safe for equipment, doesn't shout "camera--steal me," shaped for carrying easily without getting in the way while keeping the equipment very accessible (like the old but smaller and less flexible Domke F-3X would do), and it has lots of pockets for passport, credit cards, money, phone, maps, etc. The pockets have different degrees of security, so money and passport can go deep inside and zippered, while maps and guide books can go in the less secure outer areas. Not cheap, but moderately priced and of very high quality and very well thought out. Good value.

The shape of the bag is contoured, sloping gently toward the sides, and not rigid--so the bag travels smoothly in crowds or close quarters; it doesn't stick out or become an obstruction. It really is designed for walking around cities while using your equipment easily and securely, and that use also applies to a whole lot of other situations. I carried mine with the strap across my chest and the bag three-quarters in front of me. I could rest my arms and/or camera, reach the equipment easily, and make sure no one got my gear or other stuff. It is now my favorite bag by far. Even the smaller bag can also accommodate a large dslr like the Canon 5d3 with 3-4 lenses, including a 24-105 mounted on the body.

Also, Think Tank's customer service is excellent. I had bought both sizes of the City Walker from Amazon and decided to keep both. One came missing its hand-carrying strap, which is a very useful part of the bag's design, but I didn't notice until I was past the 30 days return period. I wrote to Think Tank by email and described the problem and they immediately sent me a new hand-strap, no questions asked. Nice company.

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