comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

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Re: comparison: GX7, E-P5, NEX6, X-E1

Bob Meyer wrote:

l_objectif wrote:

For me, GX1 has the perfect size! I am very disappointed of the size of GX7, although I am well aware that on the paper, it should be a fantastic camera!... I was impatiently waiting for this camera; but as I need a "portable", now I am not sure I am going to get it at this size!

As for the looks, to me Nex 6 looks the best of the bunch. I still can't get over with fat design of the GX7 grip! It really doesn't go with the rest!

I'm just blown away by some of the comments on this forum. The GX7 is still a very small camera, and not really all that much bigger than the GX1:,472

Just overlay the 1 on top of the 7.

If you want a point and shoot, buy a point and shoot. But how do you think Panasonic could possibly squeeze everything the GX7 offers, AND the decent control layout, into a smaller package? Yes, the NEX is smaller, but the control layout pretty much sucks, and you have to resort to the (horrible) menu system to do things that are controlled by buttons or switches on Panasonic cameras.

And for those of us who like to use our cameras, rather than look at them, that grip is a Godsend.

i dont know about the gx1, but anything longer, taller, or thicker than my e-p1 is too big. looking at the specs, the gx7 is too large for my needs. 8mm longer is significant over the gx1.

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