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If I'm wrong, I'll agree with you

illy wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

illy wrote:

realistic to the the actual scene or how you think grass should look?

If you open up the picture, you can see that the first image has a much more uniform colour. When I look at grass, it doesn't look like this. It looks more like the colour variations I see in the second image.

The first image also doesn't quite look like 'grass colour' on my screen at least. It looks slightly off.

The second image exemplifies what I think of as "E1 colour". If the second image is the D200, then I will concede that, for me, E1 colour is illusory (in the greens at least).

Deep reds still look over-saturated in almost any other camera.

both look fine on my screen, i would say neither is uniform at all, as for the colours i could say which i preferred but that isn't the name of the game, i think this is a great example of colours and camera systems, the fact you have to look for these differences to try and make an educated guess makes the whole colour myth implode. If you put E-1 exif data on either of these pictures and posted them into the Sunday scapes thread how many people do you think would say "that's not from an E-1 camera"?

You have already admitted that you are looking at things other than colour (resolution for instance) in your attempts to figure out which camera is which. That suggests to me that other technical aspects are more important/obvious to you than colour.

For me, colour is important and that is all I'm looking at in trying to determine which is which.

If I'm wrong on this, I will concede your point. I have been very specific as to why I think I'm right and there is ample chance that I will be proven wrong as soon as Stacey posts.

On the other hand, if I'm right, I'll be two for two. Even so, everything is still stacked in your favour. I can be definitively proven wrong here while I can never be definitively proven right.

Especially to those who see resolution before colour.

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