which lens on which body for wedding

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Re: which lens on which body for wedding

Hi Thomas,

Thanx for the reply and info (all others also thank you).Some explanation is maybe in order.I'm an enthusiastic photographer with very little wedding photography experience.The wedding will take place next saterday and if I would have rejected the request from the brides mother only some point and shoot snapshots will be taken of this formal wedding.They have seen many pictures from me (other family gatherings) so the know what to expect.

And again without my pictures there will be only some snapshots from a point and shoot camera.

I do however want to create beautiful pictures. And  because I owned the D90 only, I just bought the D7100 especially for this occasion. (good excuse).

I also will use a SB600, but I do not like flash pictures, so only when necessary.

I do find it difficult to get decent results with flash in most situations.

Only when bouncing is possible it is ok. I always shoot in commander mode and of camera but then it is difficult to use the zoom, while I'm one hand short.

Still the question I have is which lens on which body to use.

Because the 70-200 is my best lens I would like it to be on th D7100.

But I would guess that the most pictures that will be made will be with the 17-50.

So I asume that inside I would attach the 17-50 on the D7100 and the 70-200 on the D90 (latter combo for some details and expressions). And outside when having more distance maybe the other way around.

Who can advice me in this ?

For those who realy want to help me with this, please do not provide advise as to use other gear, or that it is rather late to post this questions, because I can and will  not alter the situation or setup.

But I do appreciate any idea or info that can help me decide ond prepare.

The tip to synchronise the clocks is brilliant. Thank you for that great tip. Never would have thought to that.

Thanx in advance.



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