Considering 100D,have some questions regarding lenses

Started Aug 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
nghiacc Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: Considering 100D,have some questions regarding lenses

I just bought SL1 (100D) with 18-55 STM and 40mm STM. The 40 STM go with me all the time. The image is very sharp so I don't see I will use my 18-55 much. So I second to others that you should buy the 18-135 STM for more versatility. Don't have experience on the lens though, just come from usability, because you will eventually buy a long zoom and maybe wide angle, so keep your lenses selection small. I am seeing myself buying 55-250, 85 1.8, and a wide angle lens, so you see :D. The 18-55 kit is cheap and worth having though.


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