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Re: Not for a professional photographer

bobgeorge wrote:

Hello all,

A colleague of mine got married yesterday & I attended. I noticed the photography was shooting with what looked like a Nikon D3200 or D5200. n addition she had a flash light on her camera.

I talked to her for a minute and she said lens was a Nikkor 18-200 F3.5-5.6G ED VRII & she told me she had done over 200 weddings & normally averages 2 per month.

First its not about the camera but what you can do with it.
That said. Serious professional photographers don't use this type of camera or gear.
The gear used is more likely that of a low end amateur.

If (semi)professional and crop it would be either a D300s or a 7D. But still that is gear mostly used by advanced amateurs.

Most professionals would use a full frame camera 5D MKIII /1Dx nowadays or a D800/D4.
As for lenses definitely NOT zoom lenses as was used by the photographer you are mentioning.

For this type of work (weddings) you would either use a set of fixed lenses (24/35/50/85/135) or smaller zooms typically 24-70 in combination with a 70-200.

Now two month later I am curious if you were impressed with her pictures....

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