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Re: Why?

mr moonlight wrote:

Jim de Kort wrote:

5D - D700 - D800

DoF, wide angle, High Iso, rendering, wide angle, beuatiful transitions, wide angle.

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One more question what lenses you use on these cameras? I only need to know the widest and fastest Canon and Nikon lenses you shoot.

Fuji X has already beat your 5D and D700 in resolution and ISO with equivalent lenses attached. D800 (I have D800E) will only be better if you print very large, lager than most people would ever want to print.

As for WA the planned 10-24 is almost as wide a my FF 14-24 which is all I'm going to need for WA. Unlike dslr there is no restriction of designing great WA lens for mirroless.

The only thing aps-c could not do as well is when you shoot lenses like 35/1.4 or 85/1.2 WIDE OPEN. How often do you do that? Everything else FF can do aps-c could with futher improvement which we've seen happening a lot.

Beautiful transition? Give me a break!

Here's the thing that many who don't have a lot of experience shooting FF don't realize. It's not about shooting with your 85 f1.2 wide open. I rarely ever shoot that wide. It's a tad bit soft and hard as hell to nail focus if your subject is moving. it's about shooting stopped down to f2.8 where the lens is dead sharp across the board while still retaining a very shallow DOF. On an aps-c camera, you would need a 56mm at f1.8 with an ND filter to achieve the same DOF. It's similar, but not quite the same.

This. Exactly. I shoot my 85mm Nikon prime at 2.8 or maybe 2.5 and at 2.8 it is nearly flawless while still maintaining pleasing out of focus areas.

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