Canon 350D: does it still stand up to the competition?

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Re: Canon 350D: does it still stand up to the competition?

I've been shooting with 350D extensively for the last six years or so, it's been my only "real" camera. Just week ago I've finally decided to retire it (well, to dedicate it to IR and astrophotography) and bought myself a nice new 600D.

Can I see much difference in my photos? Truth be told, not really. Even though it's old, 350D is still a very nice and very capable camera which, in a way, feels like a part of my body after such a long time using it quite frequently.

However, I do see improvements in other areas. The 600D feels much nicer in hand overall (it's kinda hard to describe, and also it might be quite subjective). That hires screen is great for reviewing shots on the go. Live view can help you shoot more comfortably in certain situations and therefore hold your camera better, especially combined with the articulated screen, reducing camera shake and therefore helping you to get more shots. The high ISO performance is also better - not night and day difference, no, but still nice to have, IMO, and I can actually get a usable shot with ISO 6400 (compared to so-so ISO 3200 with fw hack on 350D), so again, less wasted shots. And since I bought the IS II kit lens as well, it's actually my first lens/camera combo with IS, which I really love (I shoot a lot of low light stuff, but can't afford better lenses). Speaking of ISO - the auto ISO thing is also quite nice to have. Shooting videos is also a nice feature you never really miss until you get a chance to use it. And then there's of course Magic Lantern...

Downsides? Sure, there are some. I only shoot RAW, and the files seem huge to me on 600D. In low light, they're easily around 25-30MB each, compared to 7-8MB with 350D. Which brings the need to have significantly more storage available for archiving. Storage might be cheaper nowadays, but it's not THAT cheaper. I can see it'll still cost me to upgrade my storage space just to keep up with the bigger files from 600D. Also, bigger files means the postprocess is slower and your PC works harder. So it's not that there are not some cons as well.

Anyway, as I've said - there's not THAT much difference in the final images. I think that if I shot the same photo with the same lens on both 350D and 600D and then put it through my usual workflow and resized the picture from 600D to match the 350D, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. BUT with 600D, shooting it would be a much more pleasant experience overall. It's as they say - the camera does not make the work for the photographer, but it makes it easier for him. And I feel it's exactly like that when comparing 350D and 600D (in my case).

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