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Re: Planning to switch from D800 to 5DIII

iseeu wrote:

I am planning to make a switch from the D800 to 5DIII for some reason:

1. D800 lock me up few times and I have to take out the battery and insert it to make it work again, this really annoying.

Can happen with any body. Maybe it's a bit worse with the D800 at this point that some others? I don't know.

2. The grip (not the battery grip) made 1 of my finger so painful after 10 hours of work, this is never happened with my D700.

3. The outer left AF point back focus severely.

Is that that whole D800 AF mess that they are slow at fixing under warranty?

4. Can't lock focus in low light so I missed few important shots.

Some have said the D800 actually locks a bit better in extreme low light than the 5D3. I don't know. Never compared that myself.

I only have the Nikon 24-70mm for now, so I am not heavily invested in Nikon glass. Do you guys think 5D III will not give me those problems? I will buy the 5DIII with 24-105mm f/4 kit lens. Does 5D III will give me better high ISO performance? Can you please help me to decide. Thanks in advance.

24-105L is one the least sharp Canon L lenses. It does come at an amazing price these days though. 24-70 f/4 IS is sharper and 24-70 2.8 IS II is crazy good. If you want to take advantage of better Canon glass the 24-105L wouldn't be the way to introduce yourself to it at all. Tamron 24-70 VC would be a better way to start than the 24-105L for sure too.

The Canon 5D3, 6D, 1DX, Nikon D800, D4 all have pretty similar SNR when compared at a fair normalized basis. But since the D800 has more res it's finer grained and could have more use of advanced NR so it actually sort of comes out perhaps best for SNR and the D4, at the lowest res, the worst.

The D800 falls a little behind at high ISO dynamic range once you get to ISO6400 and above, at first only a little, by ISO12,800 and up by a bit more compared to the 5D3 and a good deal more compared to the 6D and D4 and especially 1DX. The 1DX has best high ISO DR and then next are 6D and D4 and then 5D3 some bit back and then the D800 a trace back (some bit once you get really high). Since DR is so low at such high ISO the difference can be a bit significant.

Through ISO8000, really only the 6D and 1DX maybe truly separate themselves from the pack.

I'd call the 1DX the best cam of all for high ISO and the D800 the best of all for low ISO. 6D is also very good for high ISO. Then a little behind come the 5D3 and D800.

Comparing at 100% view the D800 would look worst at high ISO and the D4 the best perhaps but that is not really a fair way to compare.

The 5D3 does maintain 6fps at FF size, you need to cut frame size to keep that on the D800, so at 6fps the 5D3 definitely does better at high ISO though.

I think the Canon world has the better set of lenses overall these days (although no longer the much less expensive, more expensive now in fact) and the much nice UI.

5D3 has much nicer liveview than the D800 and infinitely better movies now that the ML RAW video hack is out and using that movie mode is also a lot more usable than movie mode on the D800 (unless you use a fancy external recorder with helper info on the D800 to improve usability).

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